Mosaic was a dream that came to Michelle Blechner as a vision. Not knowing what it was going to be made of yet knowing that it had to exist.

We are a mosaic. We’re a composite of many pieces. And a desire of everyone to be taken care of, to be catered to, to be included.

We are a family, a tribe, a global community, exploring the polarities of this life, creating connections to ourselves and to others.  

Born and based in Miami, one of the most diverse cities in the planet,  MOSAIC the movement will establish the United States as a cornerstone on the global map of systemic work. Miami will be home to a center of excellence for the approach. 

For that purpose, we are creating a truly inclusive platform for people from all over the world to connect, gain experience, and galvanize the systemic intelligence present in the systems to which they belong.



A Gathering Place

  • Where we belong in our full individuality
  • A wellspring of innate wisdom
  • Sacred space for guided exploration
  • Where we exchange equally, freely and respectfully

A Systemic Compass

  • Using a multidimensional lens
  • Our GPS for life
  • Bridging what has been and what is next … from here to the unknown
  • Navigating our journey towards transformation


A Global Platform

  • International by nature, global and local in flavor
  • Where the parts join with the whole
  • For pioneers, seekers and facilitators to learn, grow
    and develop
  • Transforming our lives, our families, our businesses through new ways of being

Unifying Intent

MOSAIC the Movement is a global community focused on exploring the universal language of the heart.



Our Method

 We help you see with new eyes / perspective








Managing, designing, and setting the movement in motion.

Michelle Blechner, Founder

Originally from France, Michelle Blechner is an international businesswoman and founder of MOSAIC.  She has evolved into a Spiritual Leader, Life Counselor and Family Constellations Practitioner, facilitating and teaching this leading edge modality.

Suzi Tucker

An active systemic coach and family constellation facilitator, Suzi Tucker collaborated closely with Bert Hellinger on most of his books published in English and co-founded the Bert Hellinger Institute, USA.  She also serves as guest faculty at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies and the New York Open Center.  Author of Gather Enough Fireflies, Suzi is also an essayist and fiction writer.

Roma Gaster

Roma Gaster is founding director of Karibu Education International and has developed a reputation of working on what matters most within the strategic context, enabling clients to generate results beyond expectations.  She is a systemic leadership advisor, facilitator, consultant and an executive and team coach.  Roma works with clients through the systemic intelligence lens to free previously unexplored possibilities.

Viviani Luduvice

Originally from Brazil, Viviani Luduvice has a passion for learning, exchanging and people connecting with a background in engineering and business.

Jessica Sargovi

Fluent in Spanish and English, Jessica Saragovi is an HR professional with 20+ years of experience in diverse industries and the creator of Systemic HR.





Dr Wendy Guess

Dr. Wendy Guess is creator of Elements of Interaction System.  As an award-winning educator, choreographer she focuses on wellness, marketing, communication, social dance.

Ivan Polic

Ivan Polic

Ivan Polic is a business owner and co-founder of Family Business Mastery which challenges the status quo of how family businesses operate.




Mizayda Henriette

Mizayda Henriette has been a business owner with over 20 years experience in the financial market. She speaks English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamento.