Gather enough fireflies

Dear Friends

This is the title of Suzi Tucker’s book and it comes from this beautiful inspiring quote
« In the darkest nights of the hearts gather enough fireflies to recall the light »

It will be the topic of the URIM class on Monday, June 1st from 11-1
The link remains the same:
Meeting ID 423230141
Password URIM9
Exchange $9 per class $42 package of 6

I’ll like to share with you a passage Of this book which resonates so much with the times we are living right now. No matter where we are and are doing, the societal, historical event the world is experiencing is the background for it, and as such influences every decision, action or reaction to the situations and the way we are dealing with them.

« Living in the confusion between past and present, everyday decision often feel overwhelming. We feel we are abnormal in being overwhelmed by the common questions, which adds to the continuity between what we desire and what we feel capable of. But when we continue to open the landscape, we often see that the systemic dynamics that affect us were initiated further back than our parents.

My purpose is to be a bridge, which I am dedicated to  fulfill in my everyday practice.
It is also my goal with Mosaic The Movement: to open the landscape in all possible ways, specially in banishing borders bringing the world to you as well as bringing you to it.

Currently we are proposing a 6 week  program with Ivan Polic about Systemic Work with the  focus this week on « decision making » Remember: the time to build the future is now….

Immediately after,  on the weekend of the 19th thru the 21st of June we will feature Suzi Tucker in a 3 parts workshop « Mother May I? »
Each day from 2-4pm
Exchange $100
Register at www.Suzi
Or with

Suzi will take us in a journey to  explore the simple-complex relationship between mother and child….
… as she was or is in the world and how she lives in us….
… we will look at the earliest imprints … the lasting residue and ways to shift the legacy.
Suzi will illustrate with Constellations practice as well.

I trust we will have the opportunity to visit sometimes this week thru phone, text, mail, zoom or simply energetically and I wish for all of us to be and feel safe wherever we are in this world
Should you be willing to experience Group Constellations
Wednesday, from 7-9pm
Friday from 12 noon-3pm
The new ID number is 91409635143
Password ML20
Exchange $9-$27 at your discretion

With much love


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