Dear Friends

Last weekend at this time we were saying goodbye to the incredible teacher Jan Jacob Stam.

Yet it was not the end of Mosaic’s first module on transformation and Potential: On Monday 27 “survivors” still showed up among the 95 who honored us of their presence for one or more days ( many for more than 3) which is amazing when we think how busy our lives are and how much commitments we face every day. I know the majority of them would testify that it was certainly worthy of their time and effort, especially the brave ones who survived the birthing pain of the first hours when we had to figure out how to transcend the deep secrets of audio technology.

Besides the learning experience about transformation in organization and other expanded systems I know for a fact that many of us (yes including me: as I always say “no matter where you sit you benefit”) have had amazing personal, transformational movements.

One thing I know for sure, as Oprah would say, is that we never stop growing and what a fantastic gift to go into deeper levels of consciousness.

As I experienced with Mosaic which just transmuted from my vision to the dream of a few who embraced it, and ultimately into reality, do not be afraid to dream big, to be bold, to be brave, and ready to take some consequences… 

If you dream it, it can be: just listen to life and where it wants to take you and most of all TRUST even when you hit a few bumps or when you encounter some harsh lessons.

You deserve to go all in!!! Your dreams deserve so as well

With much love,