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Michelle Blechner

Born and raised in France, Michelle Blechner lived in NY for 30 years until she relocated to Miami Florida in 2009. With a background in psychology, first used in the field of Marketing and Research in Paris, then as a successful professional in the international business world, she has now been guided to finally, “Live the life she had come here to live”!

Today, she has evolved into a Spiritual Leader, Life Counselor and Family Constellations Practitioner, facilitating and teaching this leading edge modality.

Bi-lingual and bi-cultural, with a lifetime gathering of spiritual teachings, including a 30 year connection to the Abraham Hicks teachings, has made Michelle an authority in the practice of Universal Laws. These Universal laws, along with Family Constellations Therapy, have been the base from which her coaching method developed and has culminated in her U.R.I.M. program.

Upon finding Family Constellations, the Bert Hellinger developed Therapeutic Philosophy, Michelle dubbed it her “Missing Link,” as it was the missing piece that was needed to make her the perfect Bridge that her life purpose was calling her to be.

As the founder of the Family Constellations Institute of Miami, her “DREAM BIG” project she had the vision for is now available to assist all!

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Ivan Polic
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Pearl Samuel

Margaret Weiss


Been a while since i first go to constellations i think that was 2019 when i just broke up and felt absolutely devastated my friend Laura invited me to go with her to Michelle constellations. The group started one by one to introduce themselves and it look for me like Hi i am Mike and i am an alcoholic, or hi im Nancy i am a drug addict - as u always watch at the movies :joy::joy::joy: After a while Michelle was asking me what do you Feel ? And i start answer what i think :thought_balloon: and my thoughts was i don’t know what i am doing here :joy: I don’t remember what the question was about or what context’s but from that day till now on i know the difference beetween what i feel and what i think :heart:. Yesterday was a huge reflection on all the work i’ve done on self-growth and self-love. I was able to observe the changes - in my life and how different i look at the things how quiet and patience i became. Love to be surrounded by such people like you @Michelle Blecher :heart::heart::heart::heart:
Veronica Radkevich
Hello Michelle. Thank You for the wonderful gift of family constellations at the Tony Robbins spiritual event. I encountered my maternal grandmother at your event. She passed away years ago. She helped me with my small child who has some extra needs. She taught me so much and asked me to connect with her family who I don’t know. She was not involved with us in her life due to her issues with my very distorted mother. Since Mexico I had a beautiful conversation with my mother who did not raise her children. My grandparents traumatized my mother unintentionally through putting her in “the best” Austrian boarding schools at age 8 years old where she experienced abandonment and trauma. They were trying to be good parents and didn’t understand my mom’s special needs. I had no idea what my mom had gone through. My son who is 9 years old is alive in a time where kids like him have lots of help. When I parent him properly and listen to his specialists, we can break a bad cycle. I know he will have a family one day. I’ve been invited by my grandmother to connect with family all over the world through this. It’s been fun. It’s making me better for all of us. Thank You for the deep work.
Jenny Allen, AZ

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