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What is Tachyon (Ta-key-on)?

Tachyons are subatomic particles that travel faster than light. Tachyons have positive effects on human wellbeing and vibration of energy to calm the nervous system.

Why Use Tachyon Products?

They make it easy to relax and meditate, reduce anxiety, provide a deeper quality of sleep, intensify all manifestations and amplify intentions, while providing overall calibration and alignment.

Recalibrate yourself
Clear your mind, body & emotions
Leave feeling lighter
Reduce anxiety
Support concentration
Deepen quality of sleep
Increase in pain reduction
What Some Users Describe as the Benefits:
High vibration of energy to calm your nervous system
Improves your overall sense of alignment & well-being
Assist and accelerate manifesting, meditation, and accelerating spiritual growth
Restores chakras
Amplifies intentions, healing, healing modalities
Deepens meditation
Assists body in detoxifying
Wonderful for: anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and deeper quality of sleep

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Increase in pain reduction
Tachyon particles produce multiple positive effects when present in the human energy field
Increased sense of peace, ease, gratitude, and connectedness to Source, family, and friends
Increased self-confidence
Increased mental acuity
Increased balance and grounded-ness
Increased sense of direction and perseverance with careers and life goals
Increased creativity
Increased ability to follow through with self-care goals
Increased sense of awe and wonder

“Those who wear tachyon daily and permanently bond with the fields of creation eventually become the tachyon field itself, no longer in need of using tools (products) to create with. This usually marks a phase of enlightenment called ascended master, one who understands and created their own reality.”
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