The great human Contradiction…. and it’s Solution

Dear Friends

When invited to create and be part of an open space where « the world » can gather together, where the sense of  community and communality is paramount and the idea of « sharing » is the epicenter everyone answers the call.

It sounds so attractive, we can have a voice there, express it, we can belong ( something we have longed to  « be » for a long time…..sometimes secretly… at times screaming and protesting.
In some cases it has been forever unfortunately…..
something we might have been deprived of, generationally, culturally because of division,  Oppression persecution  in our families and/or countries .

Ah how much all of a sudden it feels good to be accepted: we have forced the close doors we are in!!!
We almost feel that we have « arrived »!!!

And then, as I have witnessed  so many sad times in my life, as soon as we are « in » we have a tendency to slam the door behind us. The club is close. Let’s make sure we are « protectively » sequestered .
The « members only » rule applies, we totally forget the original value of « sharing »… and then we feel surprised  when we eventually, at some point pay the price: when the fortress becomes a prison again…. because it never fails to happen: it is law,  a very determined Universal law: it has a name :
The law of exchange.

When this law is violated The ugly face of exclusion rise again, is part of the picture….. becomes the picture.

As we talk and teach how to discern patterns in Systems I feel that one a particularly surprising one and one of the biggest contradiction in our polarized world.

Here is an invitation i am extending to you to reflect on, to share with us your encounters with, and your felt  pain from.
I’ll be dedicating this week to this topic; from the URIM class of Monday morning all the way to the meditation Of next Sunday ( with of course a special place for the topic in my Constellations groups of Wednesday evening and Friday noon.)

As a whole we see the results of that « secret » policy as an individual how many do feel the detrimental effects of.?
As we know acknowledging what is,  is the « open door » and the first step for change to occur
the world only can change one person at the time, and being  the change we’ll like to see in that said World is everyone’s option
This is the time if it has ever been one in our lifetime.

Let’s get some air!!! Let’s open the doors!!! Let’s been the pioneers of total inclusion: this is where the idea for Mosaic came to me from,….this is the origin of every parts of my inspiration and my  creations because it IS my intention.

Are you willing to be a part of the infinite tapestry of Humanity or do you want to remain  a guarded individual with a lockdown mentality?
The time has come to make a choice: freedom only seems to be an individual state of mind: and yet,  as a human being we can only feel free if everyone else is as well, because we are all mirrors to one another.

With much Love and Hope… I Trust it can be done. Let’s do it Together!!!


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