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Cecilio Regojo

Constellation Power vs. Client Power

With more than 40 years of business experience, he has held several positions in companies from different sectors. He´s a natural entrepreneur and has created companies in different areas. Due to his experience as a Consultant and his many contacts with companies in many countries, he has a broad vision of companies and organizations.Cecilio is an international Trainer of Organizational Constellations, mainly in Europe and Latin America – working in more than 30 countries – and has design training and university postgraduate courses in several countries. Participates actively in several Congresses as a guest speaker and catalyst.  Extensive experience as a Business and Systemic Consultant has collaborated with many national and international companies.

Gabriel De Velasco

Solving Conflicts with Structural Systemic Constellations

We all experience conflict differently when our emotions overflow and clarity and structure is lost. During conflict, we face differences and oppositions that we interpret as a burden and therefore we lose perspective that could be opportunities. Tensions between different objectives and interests are part of our daily life. Even with the best intentions, discrepancies often arise.

During this interactive workshop, Gabriel will present his systemic and solution-focused approach and we will learn various systemic tools to use as interventions when experiencing conflict. We will consider conflict as a general category across all emotional states. Gabriel will introduce us to how conflict is not something concrete and how it is manifested in the relationship we have with each other or with values, issues or a set framework in all areas of our life. We will cover:

  • A deeper understanding of conflict.
  • Various types of conflicts.
  • Applying systemic tools to intervene during conflict.
  • Using systemic intervention during a conflict.

Ivan Polic

Systemic Work without the Constellation

Do you wish for more progress and unity in your home, organization and society?  Navigating  the complex new world means asking new questions and looking for new answers.  Discover the difference the systemic work can make in your career, family and relationships.

Suzi Tucker

Mother May I?

Having cofounded Zeig, Tucker & Theisen, Publishers, with Dr. Jeffrey K. Zeig, I had the good fortune to meet Bert Hellinger — the pioneer of Family Constellations — in 1998. I went on to collaborate with him on most of his books published in English, and under his guidance, cofounded the Bert Hellinger Institute, USA. A presenter, writer, and teacher, I have the privilege to serve on the guest faculties of the NY Open Center, Omega Institute, the Shift Network’s Ancestral Healing Summit 2021, the 6th Australasian Constellation Intensive, and the 5th West Coast Constellations Intensive. My work with MOSAIC, founded by Michelle Blechner, continues to offer lively opportunities for vision and actualization. I am an essayist and a contributor to numerous publications in the fields of psychology and wellbeing. I am at work on several books slated for 2021.

Juliana Bohorquez


Juliana Bohorquez is the founder of Meráki®. She has a Master of Arts at Universidad de los Andes, Master in Systemic Pedagogy CUDEC (Mexico), Master in Development Education and Global Learning at UCL (London) and is a Certified coach in Organizational Systemic Work and Constellations trainer (Hellinger Instituut Holand).  Since 2005 Juliana has worked on the context of social transformation within the framework of Colombia’s armed conflict, as activist, documentary filmmaker, researcher and photographer. She was one of the founders of the ‘Campamento por la Paz’ (Peace Camp) and one of the leaders of the 2016 citizen movement. With Abuela Margarita and other spiritual leaders she opens spaces of spiritual relevance.

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