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Do you feel the weight of responsibility for your business all on your own shoulders?                                       

Are you doing everything you can to improve your company’s well-being but getting nowhere?

Do you see capable people underperforming every day for no apparent reason? 


1pm-5pm Eastern

What if there are invisible causes behind the many dynamics in your organization?

Wouldn’t you want to know what they are?

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We can’t wait for you to join the two-day Mosaic event featuring the cutting edge systemic principles to unleash the full potential of your leadership and organization. Michelle and her team will be coming to:

You will be immersed into experiences after which life and work will never be the same again.

When you’ve experienced Michelle Blechner or any systemic work, you have opened up your awareness. If you haven’t, we will be explaining more during our 2-hour free session, where you will sample just a piece of the 2-day session.

1pm-5pm EST

February 15th-16th

In the 2-day session you will be exposed to Michelle’s and Mosaic’s curated team team of facilitators and teachers that will be sure to blow your mind.

You will be introduced to new strategies that America has not yet seen.

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Ivan Polic
Founder of Systemic Approach Institute

Pearl Samuel

Margaret Weiss


Thank You for the wonderful gift of family constellations at the Tony Robbins spiritual event. I encountered my maternal grandmother at your event. She passed away years ago. She helped me with my small child who has some extra needs. She taught me so much and asked me to connect with her family who I don’t know. She was not involved with us in her life due to her issues with my very distorted mother. Since Mexico I had a beautiful conversation with my mother who did not raise her children. My grandparents traumatized my mother unintentionally through putting her in “the best” Austrian boarding schools at age 8 years old where she experienced abandonment and trauma. They were trying to be good parents and didn’t understand my mom’s special needs. I had no idea what my mom had gone through. My son who is 9 years old is alive in a time where kids like him have lots of help. When I parent him properly and listen to his specialists, we can break a bad cycle. I know he will have a family one day. I’ve been invited by my grandmother to connect with family all over the world through this. It’s been fun. It’s making me better for all of us. Thank You for the deep work.
Jenny Allen
The Systemic Constellations Institute of Miami is helping me tremendously to better my professional practice and to take it to a higher level. I would highly recommend any service provider to put the Institute on their personal and training agenda. The trainings have increased my skills level multi-dimensionally whilst simultaneously supporting selfcare and self-management. I can’t emphasize the importance of this work enough; one has to experience it to understand the full scope of its reach.
Sasha I. Ammersingh, M.S.
CEO, Mastery Solutions, Education for Behavior Modification
I would like to say thank you so much to Michelle Blechner! I just did the family constellation therapy with her and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me! I am sure that after this wonderful time with this amazing coach, I’ll be a better person! Thank you sooooooo much, Abundance Flowing for introducing me to this amazing person, cause she made a difference in my life!!! (We met by phone, cause she lives in Miami!) God bless you guys!
Cristina Rocha Cerbone
After a while Michelle was asking me what do you Feel ? And I start answer what i think and my thoughts was i don’t know what i am doing here. I don’t remember what the question was about or what context’s but from that day till now on i know the difference between what i feel and what i think Yesterday was a huge reflection on all the work i’ve done on self-growth and self-love. I was able to observe the changes - in my life and how different i look at the things how quiet and patience i became. Love to be surrounded by such people like you
Veronica Radkevich
Michelle, thank you so much for the session yesterday. It was very enlightening for me and very clear for my wife as well. Communicating under your facilitation really allowed us to have a tremendous shift, and the future of our couple is so much brighter.
Andre R
Thank you Michelle for everything you give. I an so appreciative of you and having you as a teacher. So wonderful that life purpose allowed our paths to cross in such a graceful way. I love you.
Carrie M
Completing the 6 week coaching with Michelle was a life changing experience. I came to her with lots of anxiety, self-doubt, and negativity and I was seeking a positive shift in my life. This big change in my life did not come easily. Michelle knew exactly what to say throughout our work together to challenge me. At times I left sessions feeling emotional and puzzled. But over time I grew to understand and appreciate the way she cares more about her clients ultimate well-being than them leaving happy after every session. Being encouraged to complete daily meditation has been incredibly empowering, and I will be continuing this practice from now on. The coaching was the re-set button that I needed in my life. I gained an incredible amount of self-confidence. I value myself more than I ever have and I have found a new perspective to my life. Thank you so much Michelle. I cherish everything I learned from you and am excited about whats to come!!
Denise Logan

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